Why is Modi Not Facing Ravish Kumar?

There are a number of reasons why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not faced journalist Ravish Kumar for an interview in recent years. Ravish Kumar is a senior executive editor and anchor at NDTV India, one of India's most prominent news channels. 

Why is Modi Not Facing Ravish Kumar?



He is known for his critical coverage of the Modi government, which has often been accused of being intolerant of dissent. In particular, Kumar has been critical of the government's handling of the economy, its policies on social issues, and its treatment of minorities. 



The Modi Govt Aversion to Difficult Questions:

The Modi government has been accused of being averse to difficult questions from the media. In recent years, the government has been increasingly selective in which media outlets it grants interviews to, and it has often been reluctant to engage with journalists who ask tough questions. 



The BJP's Boycott of Ravish Kumar's Show:

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the party to which Modi belongs, has boycotted Ravish Kumar's show, Prime Time with Ravish, since 2014. The BJP has accused Kumar of being biased against the party, and it has refused to send its representatives to his show. 



Ravish Kumar's Resignation from NDTV India:

In November 2023, Ravish Kumar resigned from NDTV India after the channel was taken over by Indian billionaire Gautam Adani, a close friend of Modi. Kumar said that he resigned in order to protect the independence of his journalism.



Ravish Kumar's Ongoing Critical Coverage of the Modi Govt:

Even after resigning from NDTV India, Ravish Kumar has continued to be critical of the Modi government. He has been writing articles and giving speeches in which he has criticized the government's policies and its record in office. 



The Modi Govt Continued Silence on The Issue:

The Modi government has not responded to Ravish Kumar's criticism, and it has not explained why it does not grant him an interview. The government's silence on the issue has been interpreted by some as a sign that it is afraid of facing difficult questions from Kumar.


It is possible that the Modi government will eventually grant Ravish Kumar an interview. However, given the history of animosity between the two men, it is also possible that they will never speak to each other again. 



Frequently Ask Questions:

Why has Narendra Modi not granted an interview to Ravish Kumar in recent years?

There are several reasons why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not granted an interview to journalist Ravish Kumar in recent years. 


  1. Ravish Kumar's critical coverage of the Modi government
  2. The Modi government's aversion to difficult questions
  3. The BJP's boycott of Ravish Kumar's show
  4. Ravish Kumar's resignation from NDTV India
  5. Ravish Kumar's ongoing critical coverage of the Modi government
  6. The Modi government's continued silence on the issue 



What is the significance of Modi's refusal to face Ravish Kumar?

Modi's refusal to face Ravish Kumar has been interpreted by many as a sign that he is afraid of tough questions from the journalists. It has also been seen as a sign of the Modi government's intolerance of dissent. 



What are the implications of Modi's silence on this issue?

Modi's silence on the issue has been criticized by some who believe that he is not being transparent and accountable to the public. Others have defended his silence, arguing that he is simply too busy to grant interviews to all journalists.  

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