Ravish Kumar Narendra Modi Interview

Ravish Kumar is an Indian journalist and the host of the popular Hindi news show Prime Time on NDTV. He is known for his critical and independent reporting on Indian politics and society.

Ravish Kumar Narendra Modi Interview
Ravish Kumar Narendra Modi Interview



In his interviews with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kumar has asked tough questions about the government's handling of issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, and press freedom. 



In a May 2022 interview, Kumar asked Modi why he does not take questions from the press during his foreign visits, even on World Press Freedom Day. Modi did not answer the question directly but said that he believes in freedom of the press. 



In a July 2021 interview, Kumar asked Modi whether the BJP's push for population control measures is an effort to divert attention from the growing outcry about rising fuel prices, cost of living, and lack of jobs. Modi said that the BJP's population control policies are based on scientific evidence and that they are not aimed at any particular community. 



In a February 2022 interview, Kumar asked Modi about the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the government's response. Modi accused opposition parties of contributing to the spread of the virus in the early months by pushing migrant laborers to leave Mumbai and Delhi. He also said that the opposition's criticism of the government's handling of the pandemic is an attempt to defame him.



Kumar's interviews with Modi have been praised by many for their tough and incisive questioning. However, they have also been criticized by some for being too critical of the government. 

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