Ravish Kumar's Twitter Account Stats

Ravish Kumar is a senior Indian journalist and anchor who is known for his critical reporting on the Indian government and social issues. He has a large following on Twitter, where he uses the platform to share his views and engage with his followers.

Ravish Kumar's Twitter Account Stats
Ravish Kumar's Twitter Account Stats


Kumar's Twitter activities can be broadly divided into three categories:

Kumar regularly tweets news articles and his own analysis of current events. He often covers topics such as politics, human rights, and social justice. He also tweets about his own work as a journalist, including behind-the-scenes looks at his reporting and his thoughts on the state of journalism in India.



Kumar is very active on Twitter and regularly interacts with his followers. He responds to tweets, answers questions, and participates in conversations. He also uses Twitter to promote his work on other platforms, such as his YouTube channel and his podcast.



Kumar uses Twitter to advocate for social justice and to hold the government accountable. He often tweets about human rights violations, government corruption, and other social issues. He also uses Twitter to mobilize his followers to take action on important issues. 



Ravish Kumar's Activities on Twitter:

In November 2022, Kumar resigned from NDTV, where he had worked for over 30 years. He tweeted a statement explaining his decision, in which he said that he was leaving because the "ecosystem of journalism is being destroyed." His tweet went viral and sparked a debate about the state of press freedom in India.




In October 2022, Kumar tweeted a video in which he criticized the Indian government's handling of the economy. He said that the government was "more interested in protecting the interests of the rich" than in helping the poor. His tweet was shared over 20,000 times and generated a lot of discussion on Twitter.



In September 2022, Kumar tweeted about a case of police brutality in India. He shared a video of police officers beating a man, and he called for the officers to be held accountable. His tweet helped to raise awareness of the case and led to protests against police brutality.



Overall, Ravish Kumar uses Twitter to share news and analysis, engage with his followers, and advocate for social justice. He is one of the most influential journalists on Twitter in India, and his tweets often spark important conversations about current events and social issues.


It is important to note that Kumar's Twitter activities have not been without controversy. He has been criticized by some for his outspoken views and his willingness to challenge the government. However, he remains a popular and respected figure on Twitter, and his tweets are widely read and shared.



Ravish Kumar's Twitter Account Stats:

Ravish Kumar's Twitter account has the following stats, as of October 29, 2023:


Followers:                                           7.2 million

Following:                                           1,240

Tweets:                                                22,600



Kumar's Twitter engagement is also very high. His tweets typically receive thousands of likes and retweets. For example, his tweet announcing his resignation from NDTV in November 2022 received over 100,000 likes and 30,000 retweets. 



Kumar is also one of the most verified accounts on Twitter in India. He has a blue checkmark next to his name, which indicates that his account has been verified by Twitter as being authentic. 


More Detailed Breakdown of Kumar's Twitter Stats:


Stat                                                   Number

Followers                                         7.2 million

Following                                         1,240

Tweets                                              22,600

Average likes per tweet                   10,000

Average retweets per tweet             5,000

Engagement rate                             10%

Verified                                            Yes



Kumar's Twitter stats are impressive, but they are even more impressive when you consider the fact that he is a journalist. Journalists are often not as popular on social media as celebrities or politicians. 



However, Kumar has been able to build a large and engaged following on Twitter by sharing his views and engaging with his followers in a meaningful way. 



Kumar's Twitter stats also reflect his popularity and influence in India. He is one of the most respected journalists in the country, and his tweets are widely read and shared. Kumar's use of Twitter is an example of how journalists can use social media to reach a large audience and to make a difference.

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