Who is Hosting Asia Cup 2022?

Who is Hosting Asia Cup 2022?

Asian Cricket Council has announced UAE will host the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 in its annual meeting; all members of the Asian cricket council agree and nominated UAE for this cricket event due to its run being agreed upon earlier.

But it is still unclear or confirmed the host country for this cricket event due to many reasons because the current situation in Sri Lanka is unpredictable of its internal political and economic issues right now.

Indeed, recently cricket Australia visited Sri Lanka and played cricket here, currently, the Pakistan cricket team is in Sri Lanka to play cricket matches. Due to the unclear internal situation, matches are delayed or interrupted in Sri Lanka.

Having the current unpredictable situation in Sri Lanka, the Asian cricket council is thinking to shift Asia Cup 2022 event from somewhere else. The Asian Cricket Council is in close coordination and looking at the situation closely for betterment.

However, if the situation is not cleared or satisfied in Sri Lanka most probably the cricket event will be shifted to the next option in the coming days.


What is Next Option for Asia Cup 2022?

Coming to different news from legitimate sources, the next option for Asia Cup 2022 is going to UAE because UAE has offered to host this event in UAE. But the picture is still blurred and a clear scenario is not yet declared.


Why UAE is Second Option for Asia Cup 2022?

UAE playing conditions are satisfying and the UAE cricket council offered to the Asian cricket council to arrange mega in their county without having any additional preparations. In fact, all other Asian teams agreed to play a mega event in UAE if Sri Lanka failed to prove the security measure in the coming days.


Does UAE Get the Home Conditions Benefits?

Indeed, if the cricket mega event shifted from Sri Lanka to UAE, they would get the benefits of home conditions. They love to play cricket in front of their nation. Bengali people also craze hosting this mega event on their home grounds.


Which Country Gets Support From Bengali Crowd?

In fact, the Bengali crowd supports their national team on home grounds, however, India is also a favorable team for the Bengali crowd to support. They always support the Indian cricket team as compared to other Asian teams. Pakistan cricket always faces crowd pressure which against Pakistan cricket.


What Types of Pitches in UAE?

Cricket pitches all over the Asian countries are comparatively the same as supporting batsmen for big scores. A spin bowler can play their due role in that kind of slow pitches, if any teams have good spin bowling options they can beat opponents easily.


Will Sri Lanka Give Up the Mega Event To UAE?

It's up to the situation that arises in Sri Lanka, if the situation got cool or the internal situation is settled in the next 2 or 3 weeks, definitely Sri Lanka will ask ACC to conduct mega events in their country, it’s all about the country’s situation.


Does Asia Cup 2022 Will Be canceled?

No, it’s not possible to cancel this mega event because the 2020 event was canceled due to the COVID spreading issues all over the world, but now the COVID situation is quite controlled. Therefore, the ACC has allowed UAE as 2nd option for this cricket event.


When is ACC's final Decision Announce?

Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is monitoring all situations in Sri Lanka closely, most probably if they are satisfied with the measures taken by Sri Lankan officials they will go with the original decision if ACC is not satisfied with the measures they will announce 2nd option officially very soon.


Being cricket fans, we need to support cricket wherever played. We need to watch real cricket moments of Asian cricketers, please comment your thoughts in the comment box.

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