How Many Matches in Asia Cup 2022?

How Many Matches in Asia Cup 2022?

Asia Cup 2022 is commencing on 27th August 2022 in UAE. Including the host country, 5 more teams are participating in Asia Cup 2022 event. All cricketing team belongs from subcontinent Asia and meet each other’s every two years break. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, the last Asia Cup event was canceled. 


How Many Matches in Asia Cup 2022?

Who Will Host Asia Cup 2022?

UAE is the hosting country of Asia Cup 2022. With the consensus of the Asian Cricket Council agreement, the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 will be hosted by UAE. The total number of matches that will be played in the Asia Cup 2022 is 13 T20 matches including the semi-finals or grand finale. 


The 1st match will be played between Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan on 27th August 2022 at Colombo cricket ground UAE. 


The 2nd match will be played between India vs Pakistan on the same ground on 28th August 2022. This match is a crunch between India vs Pakistan. 


3rd match will be played in Asia Cup 2022 between Bangladesh vs Afghanistan. This match will be enjoyable for both countries' people. 


4th Match will be played between Pakistan and vs Qualifier from the group matches outcome result. Pakistan is a favorite on paper. 


The 5th Asia Cup 2022 match will be played between hosts Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan.  The said match will be on 1st September 2022. 


The 6th Asia Cup 2022 match will be played between Bangladesh vs Qualifier. Sri Lanka is the favorite in the Asia Cup 2022 competition. 


All group matches between qualifiers between each other are mentioned herein below date-wise. All six teams play a match against all teams.


Date of Match                                                Team                                           Venues

1st Match on 27 August 2022                          Sri Lanka vs India                       Colombo

2nd Match on 28 August 2022                         India vs Pakistan                        Colombo

3rd Match on 29 August 2022                         Bangladesh vs Afghanistan      Colombo

4th Match on 30 August 2022                         Pakistan vs Qualifier                Colombo

5th Match on 1 September 2022                    Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan           Colombo

6th Match on 2 September 2022                    Bangladesh vs Qualifier            Colombo

7th Match on 4 September 2022                    Group A1 vs Group B2             Colombo

8th Match on 5 September 2022                     Group B1 vs Group A2             Colombo

9th Match on 6 September 2022                     Group A1 vs Group A2             Colombo

10th Match on 7 September 2022                   Group B1 vs Group B2             Colombo

11th Match on 8 September 2022                   Group A1 vs Group B1             Colombo

12 Match on 9 September 2022                     Group A2 vs Group B2             Colombo


Asia Cup cricket event is most famous in Asian Countries, people of subcontinents are eager to watch live cricket matches, especially between India vs Pakistan. Because both teams have not played bilateral cricket series for a long time. Both teams playing their matches in ICC or Asian events only. 

Asia Cup 2022 Cricket Corner:

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How Many Matches in Asia Cup 2022?

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