UAE Host Asia Cup 2022 | ACC Report

UAE Host Asia Cup 2022 | ACC Report

According to the news flee from Sri Lanka; the political and economic situation is worst since last month. ACC has asked UAE to ready to host the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 if the situation in Sri Lanka is not controlled.

ACC said in its meeting, that they closely watching the situation and analyzing it according to the ACC rules and regulations. If Sri Lanka failed to satisfy the ACC board, the whole tournament will be shifted from SL to UAE without any delay. For this, ACC instructed UAE to be ready to host this event.


As the economic and political crisis continues in Sri Lanka continues, which took a dramatic turn recently, reports suggest the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has kept UAE on stand-by to host the Asia Cup, scheduled to be played in August.


Sri Lanka Cricket had expressed its willingness to host the tournament, but the final decision will be taken by the ACC later this month.


The Australian men’s team has just concluded a month-long tour of Sri Lanka, while the Indian women’s team also toured the country recently. However, the ACC doesn’t want to take any chances if the situation deteriorates further.


Currently, Pakistan cricket teams in Sri Lanka play bilateral series, but due to the bad law in forcemeat situation in Sri Lanka matches are rescheduled or minimized the tour days.


Recently, citizens of the island nation stormed into the President’s house and burned the Prime Minister’s residence, which eventually lead to both leaders expressing their willingness to resign.


In fact, the protestor’s fury came close to the pitch when, during Sri Lanka’s test match against Australia that concluded yesterday, protestors climbed the Galle Fort condemning President Gotabaya Rajapaksa for mismanagement of the country’s finances and demanding his resignation.


UAE has previously hosted the Asia Cup and also hosted the T20 World Cup, in 2014, where Sri Lanka beat India to lift the trophy.


Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and UAE will feature in the tournament and will be joined by another Asian side, which could be UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, or Hong Kong, to be decided after a qualifying tournament, for which the schedule is yet to be known. 

Asia Cup 2022 Cricket Corner:

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